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geekchyck asked: After a long day at a con or from preforming, have you ever just said "Screw it!" and slept in your makeup?


One time years ago, yes.

We had just gotten back from a long day of performing at Balboa Park for five hours or so, and then going to an event at night as “roaming entertainment”.

Needless to say I was super exhausted…to that point of barely being able to keep your eyes open and/or breath.

I came home, dropped my clothes, laid down a towel on my bed, and fell asleep.

It was super gross the next morning, and my skin hated me for it.

Would not recommend.

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sad-robutt asked: I'm sorry if this is too personal but I just want to offer you my support because I am losing my hair because of shitty genetics as well. I'm probs gonna be bald when im 25 it looks like. In the wise words of Danny DeVito, "May I offer you an egg in this trying time?"


Luckily people who go bald have no control over it…therefore it’s not a sign of doing anything wrong.

You just don’t get to have a full head of hair for the majority of your life, even if that’s what you really want.

But in all fairness, something like hair shouldn’t be that important in life, and most people, other than yourself won’t care.

We are all so vain… :/

Darn society.

It builds character though right?

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rabbittwalter asked: Hey, David! Question: Sometimes, during live performances of Hatch Fever, you don't sing the "Fill the tank with water" line. There's just a stretch of silence, then Bunny jumps in. Why is that?


That would be called a mistake.

It happened once and just happened to be caught on video.


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Just in case anyone forgot. I normally look like Uncle Fester. :)

How you even do that?


I’m a true lesbian now. I have a plaid shirt.

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