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Day 207 — Youth Zone Shenanigans with davidmichaelbennett and samhears

San Diego Pride — 19 July 2014

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Now I don’t normally point to stuff like this- because it’d be unfair to the dozens I can’t point to…and well…I’m only one person and my blog would be filled with nothing but all these different causes. And there are a ton of things you could donate your money to…so many good organizations…so many people in need…countless causes that deserve funding.

But today I’m speaking of one of us. A fanmily member in struggle. And while his struggles may not measure up to all of your own struggles, they are struggles all the same

Alex is a good friend. Alex is transgender and has been a huge confidant since the start of my transition…and even before then. A fan of the group, and a constant warm sight for me to see at conventions. I recently spent 7 hours over drinks with him talking about everything from being transgender, the uproars of salad, to science, evolution, and even psychology.

Help an SPG fan out with a dollar. I know this man is going through some rough stuff. I hope my gesture here is taken as a friend trying to give their friend a hand and nothing more.

Thanks for reading!

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