All Magic Comes With a Price.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate more of exquisitely awesome floral Kanzashi hair ornaments created by Japanese artist Sakae (previously featured here). Each delicate piece is handcrafted from resin and, depending upon their complexity, takes between 3 and 30 days to complete.

To view even more of these magnificent wearable resin flowers, visit Sakae’s Facebook page as well as her Flickr account.

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Woman accidentally breaks smiling garden gnome and finds hidden limbless figurine melded inside of it.

Bury the gnome. Dig a deep hole and put the gnome in the hole.

incinerate the gnome. turn the gnome to ash and launch the ash into the fucking sun


Y’all are getting hyped over Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes when her costume is literally this ^ what the hell guys.


look at him. 


If you didn’t think that polite dapper-ass, blonde, murdering motherfucker from The Purge was hot then you arE LYING.


fuck you dude

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My thoughts after seeing “The Purge.”


I felt bad smiling every time he came on the screen. Opps!~

Can he just break into my house and murder me already, because I’m totally ok with that.

God bless America

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